Tactical Shotgun

2-Day Tactical Shotgun
Also held in a weekend format, this condensed entry-level course provides the student with a realistic perspective on the shotgun as a weapon and is an ideal precursor to our full 4-day Tactical Shotgun Course. Lecture topics include: Deadly Force and the Law; The Moral and Ethical Implications of Deadly Force; The Myths and Realities of the Tactical Shotgun; Efficient Selection of Weapons, Ammunition and Support Equipment; Crisis Management; Shoot and No Shoot Situations; Environmental Awareness; Principles of Tactics and Shooting Aftermath. "Hands-on" firing range subjects include Weapon Condition Checking; Ready and Carry Positions; Field Shooting Positions; Tactical Reloading; Buckshot Patterning and Slug Zeroing; Single & Multiple Target Engagements from 7 to 50 meters; Stress Management and an introductory run through one of our Tactical Simulators.

Ammunition Requirement: 100 rds. of birdshot, 100 rds. buckshot and 25 rounds of slugs




4-Day Tactical Shotgun
Renowned as being the most comprehensive Tactical Shotgun course available, this class will provide you with a complete repertoire of state-of-the-art practical shotgun skills and a totally realistic perspective on its capabilities and limitations. In addition to covering all the Lecture and Firing Range materials of the ASAA 2-Day Tactical Shotgun course, this 4-Day course emphasizes Single and Multiple Target Engagements from 3 to 50 meters, Responses to the Right, Left and Rear; Close Range Emergency Situations; High-Speed Offhand, Sitting, Kneeling and Prone Position Assumption; Speed and Tactical Reloading; Hostage Situations; Malfunction Clearing and Shooting On The Move.

If you're considering the shotgun for either duty or self/home defense, this is the course for you! You'll work with the SGN in low-light situations, both with and without a flashlight and put your tactical lecture material to use in several of our tactical simulators as well. And, once you've completed the class, you'll have a knowledge and grasp of the shotgun that we think will surpass your expectations by a considerable margin. Distinguished Graduate Skill Test at end of course.

Flashlight and usual shooting equipment required.

Ammunition Requirement: 150 rounds of birdshot, 300 rounds of buckshot and 100 rounds of slugs



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