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2-Day Defensive Handgun
Held on a convenient weekend basis, this popular entry-level course is ideal for those who, due to time or financial constraints, are unable to take a full 4-day course. However, although in a condensed format, it addresses all of the fundamental elements of effective defensive handgunning. You'll receive realistic, no-nonsense lectures on Deadly Force and the Law; The Ethics and Moral Aspects of Deadly Force; Proper Selection of Weapons; Ammunition and Ancillary Equipment; Handgun Stopping Power; Environmental Awareness; Principles of Individual Tactics; Shoot and No Shoot Decision-Making; Crisis Management and Shooting Aftermath. "Hands-on" range training by ASAA's Master Instructors includes all of the fundamentals of safe, efficient weapon-handling and use in a self-defense environment. You'll learn correct Loading/Unloading/Weapon Checking procedures; proper Grip; Stance; Sight Picture; Sight Alignment and Trigger Control; Diagnostic Trigger Control and Sighting Drills; Weapon Presentations from both the Ready and from a Holster; Speed and Tactical Reloading; how to handle Failures to Stop; Malfunction Clearing and Stress Management. Target engagement techniques from point-blank range to 15 meters are also featured, as is a run through one of our tactical simulators. This course exceeds all known state concealed carry permit requirements.

Ammunition Requirement: 300 rds.

2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun
Intended for those who have graduated from ASAA 4-day Defensive Handgun, 4-day Advanced Defensive Handgun or ASAA Handgun Combat MasterTM Courses, this extremely popular class is limited to only 15 students to provide maximum individual attention to each and every student. You'll spend an action-packed two days on the range and in our tactical simulators, Shooting While Moving Forward, Backwards and to the Right and Left; Engaging Multiple Assailants in both Lateral and Linear Configurations; Dealing with Hostage Situations and Small or Oddly Shaped Targets; Failures To Stop; working with Close Range Emergency Situations; learning how to correctly use Cover and Concealment. In addition, multiple high-intensity tactical simulators and low-light shooting are also emphasized. To keep your shooting, weapon-handling and tactical skills at their best, this particular course is an absolute "must" for anyone serious about self-defense handgunning.

Ammunition Requirement: 600 rds.

2-Day Advanced Tactical Skills Course This course is for those students who have already completed a 4-Day Defensive Pistol Course from ASAA or another school. This will be an intensive tactical skills building course dealing with subjects not normally addressed.

Some of the topics covered include:

Close Quarters Confrontation Defenses
Enhanced Marksmanship Skills Development
Weapon Retention/Recovery Techniques
Force on Force Scenarios
Vehicular Defense and Deployment
Reduced Light Operations

Ammunition requirement: TBD

4-Day Handgun Courses

4-Day Defensive Handgun

Equivalent to most other school's Basic and Intermediate level courses, this action-packed class entails everything you need to know about defensive handgunning. In fact, whether you're a civilian
interested in self or home defense, a police officer or in the military, you'll find this course to be the absolute best offered anywhere! In fact, once compared, your skill and knowledge will exceed 95% of the gun-owning public! With classroom lectures by Chuck Taylor himself, you'll learn about the Three Forms of Liability; Deadly Force & The Law; The Moral and Ethical Implications of Deadly Force; Handgun Stopping Power, Weapon/Ammunition & Equipment Selection; Weapon Modifications; Environmental Awareness; Principles of Individual Tactics; Crisis Management; Shoot/No Shoot Situations and Shooting Aftermath.

"Hands-on" instruction by ASAA's renowned instructional staff includes: Grip; Stance; Trigger and Sight Control Procedures; Diagnostic Trigger Control

Procedures; Weapon Presentations From Ready and both Open and Concealed Carry; Single & Multiple Target Engagements from 3 to a full 25 meters; Responses Right & Left; Failures To Stop; Close Range Emergency Responses; Low-Light Shooting with and without a flashlight; Multiple Tactical Simulators and more!

Considered by most to be the best course of its kind offered anywhere, ASAA's 4-Day Defensive Handgun Course is intended to give you a complete perspective on the efficient, legal and responsible use of the handgun as a self-defensive weapon. No matter what your skill level, even if you're a first-time gun owner, this course will elevate your knowledge and self-defense ability to levels you will find amazing.Flashlight, light shirt or jacket for concealed carry presentation and usual shooting equipment required. Skill Evaluation included at end of course. Supplemental Lectures by Chuck Taylor and various Staff Instructors.

Ammunition Requirement: 900 rds.


4-Day Advanced Defensive Handgun
This course is designed especially for those who have graduated from either ASAA Basic-Intermediate or other school's
Defensive Handgun courses and wish to further develop their gun-handling and shooting skills before enrolling in an ASAA Handgun Combat MasterTM Course. In this acclaimed and highly popular ASAA class, the student will sharpen his weaponcraft skill to an extremely high level by pursuing the balance of accuracy versus speed to the maximum. High-speed weapon presentations from both the Ready and Open/Concealed Carry, Speed and Tactical Reloading, Stoppage Clearing, as well as Responses Left, Right & Rear, Field Shooting Positions, Small Targets, Targets at Odd Angles, Hostage Situations, Close Range Emergency Situations, Use of Cover/Concealment, Multiple Indoor & Outdoor Tactical Simulators & Low Light are just a few of the subjects featured in this challenging and highly rewarding course.

Ammunition Requirement: 1,000 rds.

Handgun Combat Master™ Course
Intended for those who wish to pursue the "Holy Grail" of combat handgunning, this difficult course is reserved for those who have successfully completed the ASAA 4-Day Defensive Handgun and 4-Day Advanced Defensive Handgun courses. Created by Chuck Taylor back in 1981 to certify the coveted title of Combat MasterTM by successfully completing an extremely difficult shooting/weapon-handling skill evaluation instead of merely proclaiming the title, the ASAA Handgun Combat MasterTM course explores the outer limits of the realm of defensive handgunning.

You'll learn to perform weapon presentations from both open and concealed carry and engage targets from 1 to 50 meters in extremely fast time- frames. In addition, you'll be able to speed load in less than 1.5 seconds; perform a tactical reload in under 4 seconds, clear stoppages in under 1 second and neutralize up to four assailants in less than 2 seconds! Weak Hand shooting is also covered, as are Hostage Situations, Small Targets at Close Range; Targets At Odd Angles, Partially Obscured Targets and Close Range Emergency Response Drills.

Classes are kept small to insure personal attention to correct deficiencies and maximum skill development and are always taught by an instuctor who is ASAA Handgun Combat MasterTM certified. High-speed weapon presentations and Field Position assumption are also emphasized. This is combat handgunning at its very finest -- if you're ready! If so, train in the techniques of the real and original Handgun Combat MasterTM program -- we think you'll have the time of your life. And, if you're wondering what comes next, you can try the ASAA 4-Weapon Combat Master™ program!

Ammunition Requirement: 1,100 rounds of ammunition, flashlight and usual shooting equipment required.




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