Handgun Courses

2-Day Defensive Handgun Course

Ideal for individuals with time or financial constraints, this entry-level course condenses fundamental defensive handgunning elements into a convenient weekend format. Participants receive comprehensive lectures on topics such as Deadly Force and the Law, Ethics and Moral Aspects, Weapon Selection, and more. Practical range training includes hands-on instruction by ASAA’s Master Instructors covering safe weapon-handling, correct loading/unloading procedures, grip techniques, and target engagement from point-blank range to 15 meters.

  • Ammunition Requirement: 300 rounds.

2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun Course

Limited to 15 students, this advanced course is reserved for graduates of ASAA’s Defensive Handgun or Advanced Defensive Handgun courses. Participants engage in intensive range and simulator sessions focusing on shooting while moving, engaging multiple assailants, hostage situations, and low-light shooting. The course emphasizes tactical skills crucial for self-defense handgunning.

  • Ammunition Requirement: 600 rounds.

2-Day Advanced Tactical Skills Course

Designed for graduates of ASAA’s Defensive Pistol Course or equivalent, this intensive course enhances tactical skills not typically covered in standard training. Topics include close-quarters confrontation defenses, enhanced marksmanship, force-on-force scenarios, vehicular defense, and reduced light operations.

  • Ammunition Requirement: To be determined.

4-Day Handgun Courses

4-Day Defensive Handgun Course

Equivalent to intermediate-level courses offered by other institutions, this comprehensive class covers everything necessary for defensive handgunning. Led by Chuck Taylor himself, participants learn about liability, deadly force laws, handgun stopping power, tactics, and more. Practical instruction includes grip techniques, sight control, target engagements, low-light shooting, and tactical simulator exercises.

  • Ammunition Requirement: 900 rounds.

4-Day Advanced Defensive Handgun Course

Designed for graduates of basic-level handgun courses, this class focuses on honing gun-handling and shooting skills to an advanced level. Participants engage in high-speed presentations, tactical reloading, stoppage clearing, responses to various scenarios, and more.

  • Ammunition Requirement: 1,000 rounds.

Handgun Combat Master™ Course

Reserved for graduates of ASAA’s Defensive Handgun and Advanced Defensive Handgun courses, this challenging program certifies participants as Handgun Combat Masters™. Led by certified instructors, the course pushes participants to their limits with fast-paced shooting drills, weak hand shooting, hostage situations, and more.

  • Ammunition Requirement: 1,100 rounds, flashlight, and standard shooting equipment.
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