Tactical Rifle

2-Day Tactical Rifle Course

This intensive weekend course offers a practical approach to rifle training, equipping students with the skills needed to become proficient rifle marksmen. Lecture topics cover essential aspects such as Deadly Force and the Law, Weapon/Ammunition/Equipment Selection, Environmental Awareness, and Tactics. On the range, instructors focus on correct stance, stress-induced sighting techniques, tactical carry positions, and shooting from various field positions. The course concludes with a hands-on session in one of ASAA’s tactical simulators.

  • Ammunition Requirement: 200 rounds.

4-Day Tactical Rifle Course

Designed to elevate participants’ rifle skills, this comprehensive course delves deeper into tactical riflery. In addition to the topics covered in the 2-Day course, students hone their skills in high-speed shooting from various positions, engaging single and multiple targets from 3 to 200 meters, stoppage clearing, tactical movement, and quick magazine changes. Whether civilian, military, or police, participants will find this course relevant and rewarding.

  • Ammunition Requirement: 500 rounds.

7-Day Tactical Precision Rifle Course

For those seeking unparalleled precision rifle skills, this specialized 7-day course offers extensive training in precision shooting techniques. Students learn detailed data on zeroing, range estimation, and ballistic calculations up to 600 yards. Field shooting positions, engagement of single and multiple targets, moving targets, and shooting through obstacles are covered extensively. The course also includes hands-on practical sessions focusing on field movement, camouflage, precision rifle care, intelligence gathering, and low-light shooting.

  • Ammunition Requirement: 500 rounds.
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