Combat Master

The Handgun, 3-Weapon, and 4-Weapon Combat Master training programs, along with the Combat Master certification, were established by Chuck Taylor in 1982 and are exclusively owned by CTASAA. No other instructor or institution is authorized by CTASAA to offer such training or certify candidates. Despite claims by other instructors/institutions to provide CM certification, their programs and certifications are not acknowledged.

The 4-Weapon Combat Master™ test comprises demanding assessments in four categories: Handgun, Submachine Gun, Shotgun, and Rifle. Achieving the title of Combat MasterTM requires exceptional skill and proficiency across all small arms commonly used in combat scenarios worldwide. Mastery with the handgun alone is insufficient; a true Combat MasterTM must excel with every applicable weapon type.

Holster Selection

Evaluation of a Combat MasterTM focuses on realistic combat scenarios and time constraints, with targets representing realistic incapacitation zones for adversaries. The 4-Weapon Combat Master Course™ is designed by Chuck Taylor to be exceptionally challenging, assessing skills in weaponry, mental control, emotional stability, and adaptability.

The course involves firing 160 rounds across four stages: handgun, submachine gun, shotgun, and rifle. Each stage must be completed successfully in sequence with a score of 90 percent. Failure in any stage results in instant disqualification, requiring the candidate to attempt the entire course again at another time.

Targets used in the course are designed by Taylor to simulate human adversary incapacitation zones, informed by discussions with forensic experts and autopsy observations. Scoring is based on hits to designated areas, with different point values based on caliber.

The exercise prioritizes realism, prohibiting the use of competition-oriented equipment. All drills start from a standing position, with handguns holstered and long guns held at port arms.

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