I’ve heard that single-action (SA) pistols like the Colt LW Commander may not be suitable for self-defense due to the loss of fine motor skills under stress. Is this a valid concern, and should I consider a different type of pistol?

Claims about the loss of fine motor skills with SA pistols are exaggerated. The M1911 is as safe and effective as any other design. Proper training and familiarity with the pistol’s operation mitigate concerns. The longevity of aluminum-framed pistols like the LW Commander is comparable to steel-framed ones, given good quality aluminum. High-pressure ammunition may shorten service life.

Is a crossdraw holster as fast on the draw as a strong side holster? Can I achieve the same level of speed and proficiency with practice?

A crossdraw holster can be as quick as a strong side holster if positioned correctly and with diligent practice. However, avoid wearing it on the abdomen as it hinders concealment and sitting comfortably.

How do we reconcile the rule of not pointing a gun at something we’re not willing to shoot with the use of gunlights for target identification?

In low-light scenarios, compromises are inevitable. Keep your finger off the trigger during target identification and be cautious with a gunlight’s use.

I own a Ruger P-97 in .45 ACP and a Glock 19 in 9mm. Which should I choose for self-defense?

Opt for the most potent handgun you can handle well under stress, regardless of caliber or trigger type.

What are your thoughts on the Glock 21 and Glock 30 (.45 ACP) for personal defense? Which would be better?

The Glock 30’s compactness and handling make it preferable for personal defense compared to the larger Glock 21.

Have you attempted the ASAA Combat Master Qualification Course with the SIG P220 .45 ACP? How did it compare to other pistols?

I tried the test with a SIG P226, not the P220. The only DA auto I passed the test with was the S&W M39, likely due to its ergonomic fit.

Could the 9mmP have been as effective as the .45 ACP in saving lives in your experiences?

Recorded history shows the .45 ACP as a good manstopper, unlike the 9mmP, which has been marginal. Physics dictate effectiveness, and the .45 ACP offers superior stopping power.

What are the ballistics of the S&W .45 Colt revolver with factory ammo, and what results have been obtained in gunfights?

Factory .45 Colt ammo is often underloaded for liability reasons. The Remington 255 grain LFP produces approximately 753 fps from a 4-inch barrel. The .45 Colt is effective with proper loads but may not perform well with underloaded commercial ammo.

Which Winchester LE Ranger .40 caliber 165 grain JHP ammo is better: SXT or bonded?

The bonded bullet minimizes core/jacket separation but may not expand as well. The Ranger SXT typically expands better and is suitable for civilians. The bonded version is preferable for law enforcement dealing with suspects in cars.

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