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Long-Range Shooting

State-of-the-Art Weapons and Tactics Training

Looking for top-tier training at a fair price? Look no further than Chuck Taylor’s American Small Arms Academy (ASAA). Taught by a competent, friendly instructional staff with real-world experience, ASAA offers state-of-the-art weapons and tactics training.

The Tactical Mindset

ASAA stands out in the industry for its focus on the “Tactical Mindset” rather than the “Firing Range” or “Competition” mindset. Techniques and tactics are developed from this perspective, emphasizing real-world applicability and recognizing the potential dangers of other mindsets in life-threatening situations.

Realistic Perspective

At ASAA, students receive a realistic perspective rather than having personal choices forced upon them. Chuck Taylor views his profession as preparing students to think realistically and from a life-saving perspective, elevating their weapon handling and shooting efficiency to the highest level.

Superior Performance

ASAA’s demanding curriculum ensures that students outperform those from other institutions both in actual gunfights and on the range. With a focus on purpose-based training, ASAA fosters a friendly, relaxed atmosphere without bootcamp attitudes or egos.

long-range shooting basics

Training in the basics of knife fighting

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Combat Shotgun

Unparalleled Safety Record

Safety is paramount at ASAA, evidenced by its unparalleled safety record. Throughout its existence, ASAA has never had a student personal injury, property damage accident, or negligent discharge. Mandatory weapon handling procedures are rigorously taught before any further instructional activities.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Chuck Taylor personally guarantees your satisfaction at ASAA, or your course is free! Whether you’re a new gun owner or an experienced shooter, ASAA’s Master instructors, including Chuck Taylor himself and four of the five 4-Weapon Combat MastersTM, will bring out the best in you through detailed classroom lectures and comprehensive hands-on training.

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