Tactical Rifle

2-Day Tactical Rifle

2-Day Tactical Rifle
This highly condensed weekend course provides the student with an all-encompassing look at the rifle from a totally practical standpoint and provides all the skills required to become an effective rifle marksman. Once you've completed this course, you'll be able to hit targets quickly and accurately out to a full 200 meters from a variety of field shooting positions.

Lecture topics include: Deadly Force and the Law; The Moral and Ethical Implications of Deadly Force; Effective Weapon/Ammunition/Support Equipment Selection; Small Arms Stopping Power; Concepts of Environmental Awareness; Principles of Tactics and Shooting Aftermath. "Hands-on" subjects covered on the range by our instructional staff include: Correct Stance; Proper Sighting under Stress; Tactical Carry and Ready Positions; Field Position Shooting (Offhand, Kneeling, Sitting, Squat and Prone) and Small Targets at Close Range. An introductory run through one of our tactical simulators is also included to allow the student to apply his newly- acquired skills in a realistic environment.

Ammunition Requirement: 200 rds.





4-Day Tactical Rifle &
7-Day Tactical Precision Rifle

4-Day Tactical Rifle
This challenging and all-encompassing course addresses the rifle as the highly effective, tactically flexible firearm it is. Whether you have a civilian, military or police background, you'll find the skills it teaches you to be not only highly relevant, but personally rewarding as well. No matter what your previous skill level, you'll elevate your performance to a level we think you'll find amazing in just four days.

In addition to the lecture and firing range topics covered in the ASAA 2-Day Practical Rifle course, you'll further hone your skills in tactical riflery, working on high-speed Offhand, Kneeling Sitting, Squatting and Prone Position Assumptions. You'll also engage single and multiple targets from 3 to 200 meters and beyond; learn to clear stoppages quickly; move tactically; change magazines quickly, obtain first shot hits on targets at unknown ranges and more! If you're a serious student of the rifle or a serious hunter, look no further -- this is your course!

Ammunition Requirement: 500 rds.


7-Day Tactical Precision Rifle
In this special 7-day course, students will bring their precision rifle skills to unprecedented levels, obtaining detailed data on Zeroing, Range Estimation, How to "Dope" their rifle to 600 yards, Field Movement, Camouflage and Woodcraft. In addition, they will further hone their shooting ability through extensive training in Field Shooting Positions, Single & Multiple Target Engagement from 50 to 600 yards, Moving Targets, Small Targets, Targets at Odd Angles, Targets Behind Intermediary Objects and Shooting Through Openings of Various Sizes & Shapes. BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE! Then it's to the field for three days of "hands-on" practical work, building "hides," tactical/movement/navigation, precision rifle care and maintenance, intelligence gathering, the planning/execution at actual "start to finish" missions & Low Light Shooting. This course is a "must" for any serious student of the rifle, including the hunter!

Ammunition requirement: 500 rnds.


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